AkzoNobel launches bisphenol-free internal coating for beverage can ends

AkzoNobel launches bisphenol-free internal coating for beverage can ends

Can makers and coil coaters ramping up their bisphenol-free transition have a ready alternative in a new BPA-NI (Bisphenol A non-intent)* internal coating for beverage can ends, from AkzoNobel Packaging Coatings, said the company.

As a BPA-NI coating, Accelshield 700 does not use BPA or bisphenol-based epoxies as part of its manufacturing process. It complies with both Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and EU regulations.

The product will help meet the surge in demand for alternative coatings that’s expected after the European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) recent opinion of BPA restrictions in metal packaging of food and beverage products. Bisphenols are currently ubiquitous throughout the manufacturing industry, a situation with growing urgency for change following EFSA’s opinion.

“With today’s technological advancements, bisphenols are no longer required to create safe coatings for state-of-the-art metal can packaging,” says Chris Bradford, Industrial Coatings Marketing Director, AkzoNobel Packaging Coatings. “BPA-NI coatings are a significant innovation, marking a critical turning point for the industry. Accelshield 700 will help can makers future-proof their selection.”

The new coating has been designed for challenging foods and liquids – including those that are very acidic or require high-temperature sterilization processes, such as yogurt drinks, milk and coffee – in addition to soft drinks and beer.

Integrating easily into customers’ existing manufacturing processes, Accelshield 700 also respects the need for can makers to mitigate disruption to their production lines.

AkzoNobel’s approach to the BPA and bisphenol transition prioritizes consumer safety and sustainability with responsible material substitutions, while taking care to limit disruption to the value chain. The company is working closely with customers to help accelerate the adoption of bisphenol alternatives.

To learn more, visit the AkzoNobel Packaging Coatings’ website and download its in-depth whitepaper on the transition to a bisphenol-free world.

We remind, AkzoNobel has received approval to supply its water-based refinish products to Porsche China – currently one of the premium automotive brand’s biggest markets.


AdvanSix introduces new 100% post-consumer recycled content nylon

AdvanSix introduces new 100% post-consumer recycled content nylon

AdvanSix, a diversified chemistry company, announced on 7 Jun 2023 a new nylon offering with 100% post-consumer recycled content, providing a circular solution to help customers meet sustainability goals and create a variety of products, from home office furniture and durable packaging to fast, fuel-efficient cars, said the company.

AdvanSix will premiere this latest nylon solution at the upcoming Global Pouch Forum in Rosemont, IL, US from 6-8 Jun 2023. AdvanSix post-industrial (PIR) and post-consumer recycled (PCR) grades Aegis Resins and post-industrial Capran BOPA Films use 100% recycled content to produce nylon 6 products that are every bit as processable, formable, and durable as virgin nylon.

They offer the same excellent physical and mechanical properties as conventional nylon products. As one of the top five fully integrated manufacturers of nylon 6 globally and one of the largest single-site global producers of caprolactam, AdvanSix offers industry-leading quality, consistency and reliability of supply.

Designed to meet customer needs with ease, PIR/PCR usage does not require any change in product processability, avoiding tradeoffs with alternative recycled sources and improving carbon footprint without costly re-qualifications or sacrificing performance. Certified by an independent third-party organization for recycled content using a mass balance and allocation approach, AdvanSix's PCR and PIR is confirmed recycled content that meets food contact materials regulations. AdvanSix will be presenting its 100% recycled content nylon at Booth 5 at the Global Pouch Forum 6-8 Jun 2023. Event attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about the product from AdvanSix representatives as well as see it in action.

We remind, AdvanSix’s Q4 adjusted earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) rose 28.1% year on year, to USD66.6m, on higher market-based pricing and the favourable year-on-year impact of planned turnarounds, said the company. These positive drivers were partially offset by a 15% decline in sales volume due to soft end-market demand and customer destocking, as well a lower operational performance, the company said.


Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc participates in the demonstration trial project for recycling plastic bottles

Asahi Kasei Corporation, FamilyMart Co Ltd, ITOCHU Corporation, ITOCHU Plastics Inc (CIPS), and Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc (CCBJI) have announced on 8 Jun 2023 that a demonstration trial of a service for tracing the progress of recycling used plastic bottles, said the company.

Scheduled to continue until 31 Aug 2023, the project will investigate operation of the app, changes in consumer behaviour, the impact in terms of promoting use of recycled plastic, and other aspects. From Sep to Nov 2022, Asahi Kasei, FamilyMart, Itochu, and CIPS conducted a demonstration trial of traceability, verifying the progress of recycling used plastic bottles utilizing blockchain technology, at a FamilyMart store in Katsushika Ward, Tokyo. The result was double the ordinary amount of used plastic bottles collected, and far higher collected bottle quality (bottles being washed, having their labels removed, etc).

As CCBJI participates in this trial, it is possible to trace the whole process of recycling from the collection of used bottles to the making of new bottles, compared to the previous trial which only traced up to the recycling companies. Also, the recycling app has been updated to allow consumers to feel a sense of participation in the recycling results, in order to further enhance the quality and quantity of the deposited plastic bottles.

The participation of CCBJI enables horizontal recycling, where collected plastic bottles are partially used to produce new plastic bottles. This allows the whole process of recycling from collecting used plastic bottles to making final beverage products to be verified, and the number of corporate partners has been increased from 4 to 8. This trial is expected to enhance consumers' interest and encourage changes in their behaviour for recycling by making it possible for them to check the whole process of recycling.

We remind, Asahi Kasei and Microwave Chemical launched a joint demonstration project in April 2023 with the objective of commercializing a chemical recycling process for polyamide 66 using microwave technology.


Eni signs MoU for new initiatives related to the energy transition in Libya

Eni signed a memorandum of understanding today with Libya with the aim of studying and identifying opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and develop sustainable energy in the country, in line with Eni's strategy and with the Libyan government's objectives to accelerate decarbonisation and energy transition processes, said the company.

The signing took place as part of the visit of the Prime Minister of the Government of Libyan National Unity Abulhamid Dabaiba to Italy.

Under the terms of the memorandum, Eni will work on reducing CO2 emissions through the reduction of routine gas flaring, fugitive emissions and venting, as well as possible projects for the reduction of hard-to-abate sector emissions. In addition, new solutions for the development of renewable energy and initiatives for electricity efficiency in the country will be evaluated. Finally, the company will work on the identification of additional gas resources from existing fields, to be developed as part of an integrated project for the domestic market and potentially for export.

Eni is the main international gas producer in Libya, with an 80% share of national production (1.6 bscfd in 2022). The company has been operating in Libya since 1959 and currently has a large portfolio of assets in exploration, production and development. Production activities are operated through the joint venture Mellitah Oil and Gas BV (Eni 50%, NOC 50%). Equity production was 165,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day in 2022.

We remind, ENI have joined the world's largest passenger carrier United Airlines to invest in British start-up OXCCU's efforts to slash the prohibitively high cost of lower-carbon aviation fuel. Aviation produces around 2% of the world's planet-warming emissions and the sector's own targets to emit no more than can be absorbed by natural sinks like forests or other technologies by 2050 pose a particularly daunting challenge.


PTTGC America selects Ohio site for future R-PET facility

PTTGC America selects Ohio site for future R-PET facility

PTTGC America has selected a site for their planned plastics recycling facility, said Plasticsnews.

The company has now confirmed the recycling facility will focus on mechanical recycling of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and will be located in the Midwest Mega Commerce Center in Fayette county, Ohio.

Per the most recent update, the tentative installed capacity will be able to process up to 40,000 tonnes/year of plastic waste. In terms of feedstock sourcing, PTTGC did sign a nonbinding memorandum of understanding (MoU) with waste management company Rumpke in May of 2022.

Though plans for the facility were announced nearly a year ago, the project has yet to reach final investment decision.

New to the recycling space, PTTGC is one of Thailand's largest petrochemical and refining companies. Several years ago, PTTGC announced plans to build a large petrochemical complex in Ohio, though investment discussions are still underway.

We remind, in 2023, PTT Plc's PTT Global Chemical Plc (PTTGC) aims to raise the production of petrochemical products by 15% to serve expanding demand after the pandemic. Demand is predicted to return to levels observed before the pandemic.