Fire at Kuwait's Mina Al Ahmadi refinery put out, production, exports unaffected

Fire at Kuwait's Mina Al Ahmadi refinery put out, production, exports unaffected

Firefighters managed to put out a fire at Kuwait's Mina Al Ahmadi oil refinery with no injuries, state news agency (KUNA) said, adding that production and exports were unaffected, said Reuters.

Earlier on Friday, the Kuwait National Petroleum Co (KNPC) said in a post on messaging platform X that a fire broke out in the sixth district, unit No. 35 of the refinery.

We remind, Russian government has approved some changes to its fuel export ban, lifting the restrictions for fuel used as bunkering for some vessels as well as diesel with high content of sulfur. It also lifted restrictions on the export of fuel already accepted for export by the Russian Railways and Transneft before the initial ban had been announced last week. The ban on all types of gasoline and high-quality diesel remains in place.

Indorama Ventures achieves 100 billion PET bottles recycling milestone

Indorama Ventures achieves 100 billion PET bottles recycling milestone

Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited, a global sustainable chemical company, today announces that it has recycled 100 billion post-consumer PET bottles since February 2011, said Hydrocarbonprocessing.

This has diverted 2.1 million tons of waste from the environment and saved 2.9 million tons of carbon footprint from the product lifecycles. Demonstrating its commitment to support the establishment of a circular economy for PET, in the last ten years Indorama Ventures has spent more than $1 billion towards waste collection of used PET bottles.

Mr. Aloke Lohia, Founder and Group CEO of Indorama Ventures said, “As we mark the recycling of 100 billion PET bottles, we want to thank consumers for recycling, and global brand owners for using recyclable and recycled packaging while also increasing collection rates. The scale of the waste challenge requires us all to do more, faster. In March 2020, we announced achieving the milestone of 50 billion PET bottles recycled in nine years. Today we hit the 100 billion mark in three and a half years.”

“By recycling post-consumer PET bottles into new bottles, we give waste an economic value. This drives improvements in waste collection systems, meaning less waste and a cleaner environment. In the last 10 years we have spent more than $1 billion towards waste collection systems for used PET bottles. We pledge to continue our long-term focus on circularity.”

The company has also committed a further $1.5 billion to expand its recycling business. To support increased recycling rates globally, Indorama Ventures has expanded its recycling facilities, infrastructure, and public education programs. The unique PET plastic used in soft drinks and water bottles is fully recyclable and is collected in practice and at scale. As a result, PET is the most recycled plastic in the world, and the company’s recycling achievements support that. Building on its position as the world’s largest producer of recycled resin used in plastic beverage bottles, Indorama Ventures is also seeking advanced technologies to deliver more recycling infrastructure globally and reduce lifecycle carbon emissions.

The company now has 20 recycling sites in Asia, the Americas, and Europe. Recent developments include doubling the capacity of a recycling site in Brazil; and the opening of PETValue, the largest bottle-to-bottle recycling facility in the Philippines, in partnership with Coca-Cola. Both part of a $300 million ‘Blue Loan’ Indorama Ventures received in 2020 from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), part of the World Bank, and Asian Development Bank. The loan has the objective of increasing recycling capacity and diverting plastic waste from landfills and oceans in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, India, and Brazil - countries seeking support in managing environmental waste. Indorama Ventures has also partnered with the Yunus Foundation, a leading non-profit organization promoting sustainable development with a global network, with the goal of educating one million consumers globally about recycling by 2030 with 200,000 reached so far.

We remind, Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited, one of the world’s largest producers of recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) resin, announced the completion of the expansion of its recycling facility in Brazil.

Rohm presents meracryl proterra mma based on sustainable raw materials

Rohm presents meracryl proterra mma based on sustainable raw materials

Rohm‘s trademark for methacrylate monomers, MERACRYL®, stands for high-quality products, supply reliability and excellent customer service. At EPCA 2023, Rohm is launching a resource-saving alternative to their long-established methyl methacrylate (MMA), said the company.

For MERACRYL® proTerra MMA, 30 percent fossil raw materials are substituted by sustainable raw materials from circular, recycled or biogenic sources, certified by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification ISCC PLUS. The product’s carbon footprint is reduced by 25 percent. Rohm guarantees the same specifications, quality and reliable processes.

“We are looking forward to meet our customers and industry partners at this year’s EPCA”, states Hans-Detlef Luginsland, Senior Vice President Bulk Monomers. “As European producer we are thrilled to provide a sustainable solution to our customers to support their sustainability goals. EPCA is a great opportunity to discuss the industry transformation towards sustainable and green solutions in the methacrylates industry.”

Sustainability is an integral part of Rohm’s global business strategy. By the year 2050, Rohm aims to become climate-neutral by eliminating greenhouse gas emissions. A first milestone on this path is the “Track 2030” initiative with the goal of significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions, resulting from the production or sale of Rohm products. The company has set itself an ambitious goal with the target of 30 percent per ton compared to 2020.

Rohm’s proTerra brand suffix is the quality seal for sustainable products and services that were made from sustainable raw materials, make a significant contribution to promote the circular economy and that save resources, such as raw materials, energy or water.

We remind, Rohm has spent the past 18 months on, among other things, the construction of a new innovation centre at its site in Worms, Germany. The project has now been finished and the new centre was festively opened during a ceremony attended by the managing partners of the Thelen Group, the real estate investor and general contractor for the project, and invited guests.

LUKOIL receives the highest level in the RBC and NCR ESG index

LUKOIL receives the highest level in the RBC and NCR ESG index

LUKOIL Group was assigned the highest, first level in the ESG index prepared by the analysts of RBC media holding and NCR rating agency, said the company.

This fact confirms the Company's commitment to apply the best environmental, social and corporate responsibility practices.

In 2023, over 100 Russian companies representing various economy sectors were included in the index. The assessment was conducted on the basis of the submitted questionnaires and data from open sources, with account of the specifics of each industry. In particular, the analysis covered data on investment into environmental technologies, emissions of harmful substances, adherence to labour legislation, existing social safety net for employees, options for professional development, fairness of wages, and other aspects.

We remind, PJSC LUKOIL and the International Association of LUKOIL Trade Union Organizations signed an agreement until the end of 2026. The document outlines the main principles and conditions for managing social and labour issues, as well as provides for additional social guarantees, more extensive than those set by the current legislation.

LUKOIL is one of the largest oil & gas vertical integrated companies in the world accounting for over 2% of crude production and circa 1% of proved hydrocarbon reserves globally. LUKOIL enjoys a full production cycle to control the entire value chain from upstream to downstream. LUKOIL employs over 110 thousand people who join their efforts and talents to secure the Company’s market leadership.

Shinkong secures US FDA approval for R-PET

Shinkong secures US FDA approval for R-PET

Thai Shinkong Industry Corporation (TSIC) recently secured the approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on the use of its recycled materials for food-contact packaging, said the company.

The US FDA approval is key for TSIC to tap on the US market, which is currently a major buyer of R-PET pellets from Shinkong’s facility in Taiwan.

TSIC, which is a joint venture between Mitsubishi Corporation and Shinkong Synthetic Fibers Corporation, launched its new R-PET facility in Rayong, Thailand in early September.

Currently, it is in the process of securing approvals from major brands to be able to supply bottle-grade R-PET pellets to both local and overseas markets.

We remind, Thai Shinkong Industry Corporation (TSIC) in mid September commenced operations at its new recycled polyethylene terephthalate (R-PET) facility in Rayong, Thailand.

TSIC is a joint venture between Japan’s Mitsubishi Co and Taiwan’s Shinkong Synthetic Fibers Corp, which will offer chemically recycled R-PET pellets from southeast Asia.