Clariant launches UV stabilizer with unique benefits

(Clariant) -- Clariant presents an innovation for automotive plastics with the launch of unique UV stabilizer Hostavin N845PP for polyolefin (PO) compounds for interior applications. In addition to UV protection, the new grade offers low fogging and low migration performance plus processing efficiency.

Migration is a significant concern for manufacturers of components such as dashboards, center consoles, and door cladding. Migration of a light stabilizer out of the PP part can cause undesired surface deposits or create a fogging effect on vehicle windscreens. Automotive manufacturers conduct rigorous testing at high temperatures to check for fogging potential.


Cardia makes CO2 polymer starch blend bags

(European Plastics News) -- Melbourne packaging technology company Cardia Bioplastics has developed a biodegradable plastic bag created from a blend of polymer produced from CO2 emissions and starch.

According to the company, CO2 emissions are captured prior to being released into the atmosphere, transformed into a polypropylene carbonate (PPC) polymer and blended with a renewable resource (starch) to produce the Cardia Bioplastics CO2S resin. This product is then used to produce a completely biodegradable carrier bag.

This development promises to offer packaging alternatives globally, with the company now in discussion with several parties interested in the technology.


Nomacorc to supply leading Chinese winery

(Plastics News) -- American polyethylene wine cork maker Nomacorc LLC has signed a technology development and supply agreement with the maker of one of China's leading wine brands, Great Wall.

Nomacorc, based in Zebulon, N.C., said it will work with Beijing-based COFCO Wine & Spirits Co. Ltd. in Nomacorc's global oxygen management research program. COFCO will perform studies on the role of oxygen in China's grape wine-making process.

Nomacorc also said it will be supplying COFCO wineries with its co-extruded synthetic closures.

Nomacorc makes about 2 billion synthetic corks a year and has factories in the United States, Belgium, Austria and China.


RTP opens second compounding plant in Europe

(European Plastics News) -- Engineered thermoplastics compounder RTP has opened a new manufacturing plant in Ladenburg, Germany, the company's second in Europe. Operating as RTP Deutschland, the operation will make products including very long fibre composites and conductive compounds.

⌠In addition to expanding manufacturing capacity, the Ladenburg plant also houses on-site product development engineers as well as a quality assurance laboratory, said John Van Wijk, the company's European director of sales, in a news release.

RTP now has 11 manufacturing sites. Other locations include Beaune, France; Suzhou, China; Singapore; Monterrey, Mexico, and six plants in the US.


LDPE: limited production restrains fall of prices in Russia

MOSCOW (MRC) -- By the end of October the prices for LDPE from separate Russian producers went down but there was no sharp fall in prices connected with the renewal of two productions, according to MRC Price market reports.

In mid-October along with renewal of LDPE production at Kazanorgsintez, Salavatnefteorgsintez and Polymers Plant in Angarsk after scheduled maintenance, many marketers expected sharp fall in prices. But the market didn't see total fall, moreover the prices for some positions remained unchanged.

The Russian producers renewed PE production after maintenance but not in full. Kazanorgsintez loaded only half of its capacities because of the problems with ethylene. There are no LDPE supplies to the domestic market from Polymers Plant in Angarsk because of technical problems. PE supplies to Russia from the Belorussian producers are not considerable.

Absence of LDPE 158 supplies to the domestic market from Kazanorgsintez restrains the fall in prices though some producers lowered the prices. This week a slight growth of buying activity is observed in the market. Converters renew material assets before state holiday early November. Price offer for LDPE 158 depending on the producer is within the range 56.000 - 59.000 RUB/t, including VAT, FCA.

For more detailed information, see Price Reports ⌠Polyethylene in Russia .