Russian producers of PS insulation returned to investments

MOSCOW (MRC) -- Over the five months, investments in production of PS heat insulation and decoration materials grew 6.5 times compared to 2010, according to MRC DataScope: Equipment. Three fourths of investments fell at production of XPS-insulation.

According to MRC analyst Asima Mamedova, the growth of capacities in this sector made 12 KTa. In the sector of EPS-plates and decorative products capacities grew by 11 KT.

During 2009-2010 we had been observing considerable reduction of investments in the building sector. Main market players didn't hurry to increase their capacities, as a result, capital investment reduced 10 times compared to peak 2008, Asima Mamedova said.

Return to pre-crisis consumption of feedstock in this sector stimulated main market players to expand their production sites. Among such companies: Tehnonikol and Tehnolog (XPS-plates), Mosstroy-31 (EPS-plates), VBM Pro-Rjazan that produces formworks.

Detailed analysis on investments in equipment for polymers processing by technologies and sectors, finished goods and companies is presented in a monthly MRC report DataScope: Equipment.


Russian PP conversion is modernizing

MOSOW (MRC) -- During the five months of 2011 polypropylene (PP) goods production capacities in Russia grew by 120 KTa, , according to MRC DataScope: Equipment.

Significant growth of capacities was in IM goods sector - about 35 KTa per year, says Olga Sinelnikova, the analyst of MRC. PP pipes production capacities in 2010 grew by 50 KT, for January-May by 8.5 KT. PP sheet and film production capacities grew by 21 and 14 KTa respectively.

Setting up production sites of foreign companies such as Opel, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Mitsubishi Motors, Mazda and localization requirements promoted production development of car components. According to MRC Annual report Polypropylene in Russia - 2011: IM capacities gain in this sector made 24.5 KT in 2010. There are two biggest investors in the sector in 2011 - Krista and Avtoframos. Schlemmer is establishing new car components production in Russia. Nizhnekamskneftekhim plans to launch car components productions in SEZ Alabuga.

Compared to 2010, PP market grew by 22% to 783 KT in Russia, according to MRC Annual report Polypropylene in Russia - 2011. PP production made 585 KT (+4%). There was a sharp deficit of raw material in the market, which absorbed by rapidly increasing imports. At the end of the year import made record 200 KT.


Russian capacities of polyethylene processing up 10%

MOSCOW (MRC) -- In January-May the growth of capacities of polyethylene (PE) processing in Russia made 150 KTa, according to MRC DataScope: Equipment.

In 2011 the structure of PE processing investment is changing against 2010 - says Olga Sinelnikova, the analyst of MRC.

Almost the half of investments in 2011 made in polyethylene tubes production (+56 KTa). The biggest investments were made by Polyplastic Group and Techstroi.

According to MRC Annual report Polyethylene in Russia - 2011: the biggest capacities gain in 2010 was marked in the sector of films(+162 KTa). During the five months of 2011, capacities gain in films production made 43 KTa. Production of films with high barrier properties is developing in the sector. There was noticeable investment of Polymer company (Desnogorsk city) in 9-layer film line Reifenhauser in 2011.

According to Rosstat data, polymer pipe production in January-May 2011 has 43% grown comparing with the same period of the previous year, while consumtion of pipe HDPE up 38%, - according to MRC analysts.

Detailed analysis on investments in polymers processing by technologies, sectors, finished goods, countries-suppliers and types of equipment is presented in MRC report DataScope: Equipment.


SOCAR President meets Executive Director of Nobel Foundation

(SOCAR) -- On July 1, SOCAR President Mr. Rovnag Abdullayev met with Mr. Lars Heikensten, Executive Director of the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm.

Saluting the delegation led by SOCAR President, Mr. Heikensten spoke about activities of the Nobels' Family in Azerbaijan that resulted in a number of innovations for oil industry. Talking about Nobels' activities in Azerbaijan, SOCAR president mentioned their advertence to scientific progress in oil sphere, contribution in engaging world's scientific potential of oil industry in Azerbaijan as well as creation fruitful conditions for scientific researches in petroleum industry.

Mr. Abdullayev underlined the distinctive role of Prize for Scientific Progress in Oil Industry established by Branobel Company under the Imperial Technical Society in gaining those achievements.MRC

Trevira: sale completed Sinterama & Indorama Ventures take over the wheel

(Indorama Ventures) -- Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited, the world's leading vertically integrated Polyester Value Chain producer, has completed the takeover of polyester manufacturer Trevira by the consortium of Indorama Ventures PCL (Thailand) and Sinterama (Italy) is complete.

After receiving the green light from the relevant cartel authorities in Brussels and Turkey, the change in ownership finally took place on 01.07.2011. While the contract with auditor, Werner Schneider, to acquire the company had been signed by both investors in February 2011, it had still to await the approval of the cartel authorities.

All those involved expressed their satisfaction with the final stages of the takeover process.

"Trevira is a traditional enterprise with a qualified workforce and great potential for the future," declared Schneider. With a company sale there was always also the question of the people involved and of preserving expertise. The sale to the consortium of strategic investors with direct links to the textile industry provided the best opportunity for sustained development in the future, Schneider said.