Arkema to increase price for its Kynar fluoropolymers products

(Arkema) -- Arkema will implement a price increase for its Kynar fluoropolymers products, effective on April 1st 2011 or as soon as practicable under the contracts. Prices will increase by 10 to 15% depending on the type of grades and on the regions. This increase is necessary to partially compensate the continuous raw material and energy cost increases.

With its outstanding resistance to chemicals, UV radiation, and high temperatures, Kynar fluoropolymers products are widely used in the chemical processing industry, high performance coatings, offshore production and in newer applications such as Li-ion batteries and photovoltaic solar panels.

T Chandra Asri expansion to meet growing demands for polyolefin products

(Plastemart) -- T Chandra Asri Petrochemical plans to invest USD$500 mln between 2011 and 2014 for expansion to meet growing demands for polyolefin products. USD$100 mln will be allocated towards a 100,000 tpa butadiene plant in Cilegon, Banten. The plant is expected to commence operations in Q3-2013. The company has also allocated funds to enhance the capacity of its existing plants through de-bottlenecking processes.

US$362.5 mln will be allocated to increase capacity of its existing plants -US$2.5 mln to increase capacity of its polyethylene plant from 320,000 tons to 336,000 tons in 2011, and another US$60 mln to increase the capacity again to 536,000 tons in 2014. US$300 mln outlay is being planned to increase the capacity of its naphtha plant from 600,000 tons to 1 mln tons in 2014.


Bridgestone Corporation add a new production line for EVA

(Bridgestone) -- Bridgestone Corporation announced today that it will add a new production line for EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) film in the company's Polish subsidiary, Bridgestone Diversified Products Poland Sp. z o.o.(⌠BSDP). This will be Bridgestone's first EVA film production facility in Poland, and this additional production will help BSDP better respond to the growing international demand for EVA film, a product used in the manufacture of solar modules. An investment of 165 mln zloty will be used to fund the installation of this line, and production is scheduled to begin during the first half of 2013. At full capacity, the line will be capable of producing 1,080 tons per month.

Currently, EVA film is produced at Bridgestone's Iwata Plant in Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture, and additional production is scheduled to begin at the company's Seki Plant in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture in the second half of 2011. With expectations of rapidly increasing demand for solar modules around the world, Bridgestone is investing in additional EVA film manufacturing capacity to enhance its business in European markets.


Mitsubishi Motors new interior surface material of PET fiber

(Mitsubishi Motors) -- Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) has announced the development of a new interior surface material, combining PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) and cotton fibers as a new addition to the "Green Plastic" lineup, MMC's original plant-based material technology. It will first be used for vehicle seats and plans to be commercially produced this summer.

The material is able to be used not only for vehicle seats but also other areas such as in ceilings and trim surfaces. Due to the fact that cotton is an easily attainable fabric, this new material is expected in expanded usage through different car types from hereon.

Now, preliminary calculations showed that CO2 emission throughout the lifecycle (from attaining raw materials to disposal) has been reduced about 20% compared to conventional products (PET 100%).


Asahi Kasei to establish a spunbond manufacturing company in Thailand

(Asahi Kasei) -- Asahi Kasei Fibers will establish a subsidiary in Thailand for the manufacture and sale of spunbond nonwovens. The disposable diaper market in Asia is forecasted to continue to grow at a high rate, and the new subsidiary will enable Asahi Kasei Fibers to significantly expand business in the Asian market for materials for disposable diapers and other hygienic products, with a new 20,000 ton/year Eltas spunbond plant scheduled to begin production in September 2012.

Since launching its spunbond business in 1973, Asahi Kasei Fibers has developed a wide range of applications for its Eltas spunbond brand. These include hygienic products such as disposable diapers, automotive and other industrial applications, and general consumer products. With production sites in Moriyama, Shiga, and in Nobeoka, Miyazaki, Asahi Kasei Fibers has mainly focused on developing business in Japan.

As the market for disposable diapers in Asia continues to grow, Asahi Kasei Fibers will study the addition of further capacity in Thailand. The timing of subsequent expansions will be determined appropriately in line with market growth.