Ineos Nova raised prices for PS

March 9 (plasteurope) -- The wave of price increases for polystyrene continues, following the settlement of the styrene monomer contract for March EUR 42/t higher. In the latest announcement, Ineos Nova said that, effective immediately, it will increase its prices for general purpose polystyrene (GPPS) by EUR 60/t, and the high-impact (HIPS) grades will see a EUR 70/t hike.

The Swiss producer, which cited the need to ⌠restore margins back to a sustainable level, last increased prices for PS in January.


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Ineos is a petrochemical group.
In Russia Ineos's interests are represented by Ineos Polyolefins and IneosChlorVinyls.

The share in the Russian market in 2008:
PVC - 4.5%;

polyethylene - 1.9%
(HDPE - 2.8%, LDPE - 1.2%);
polypropylene - 1.4%
(PP-random - 22.1%, PP-impact - 2.0%);
polystyrene - 0.9%.

Imports by polymers processing technologies:
profile extrusion;
pipe extrusion;
film extrusion;
injection molding.

LyondellBasell uninterested in Reliance buy

March 9 (plasteurope) -- Insolvent polyolefins producer LyondellBasell is making it clear it doesn't want to be acquired by Reliance, Indian reports say. Some analysts see the enhanced Reliance offer of USD 14.5 bn as too low, as the polyolefins economy appears to be improving. Others believe the acquisition would not benefit Reliance, anyway.

For 2009, LyondellBasell reported an operating profit of USD 317m, thanks largely to restructuring, but the bottom line was a negative USD 2.9m. The 39% sales slip against 2008 to USD 31 bn is blamed on lower selling prices and lower volumes.


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LyondellBasell. The share in the Russian market in 2008:
PE - 1.4% (including HDPE - 2.5%, LDPE - 0.3%);
PP - 4.1% (including block-copolymers - 9.5%).

Annual sales growth in Russia, during the recent 5 years:
PE - 27%;
PP - 88%.

The leader in the following polymers processing technologies:

pipe extrusion;

film extrusion;

injection molding.

Weidenhammer began production of composite cans at Russian JV

March 9 (plasteurope) -- Weidenhammer Packaging Group has begun production of composite cans on a single production line at a plant in Vladimir, 150 km north-east of Moscow / Russia. The facility is operated as part of a 50:50 joint venture with Greiner Packaging Russia, which has been manufacturing at the Vladimir site for six years.

The plant will supply the local market as well as international food companies and consumer goods businesses, Weidenhammer said. Vladimir is the first Weidenhammer plant in Russia and the company's twelfth production facility worldwide.


Estimated LDPE consumption up 25% in Russia in January

MOSCOW (MRC) -- Estimated LDPE consumption went up by 25% (to 37.63 kt) in Russia in January 2010, compared to the same period last year - according to MRC Monthly Report.

LDPE output moved at 59.09 kt in January. Production decreased 3% compared to December 2009. The most serious decrease in LDPE output (by 19%) was recorded at Ufaorgsyntez.

Shipments to the domestic market were seriously limited by high exports (23.04 kt). The situation in the Russian LDPE market became more stable at the end of February because producers had cut down their exports.

LDPE imports fell by 67% compared to December. Imports of Polymir's material did not exceed 20 mt. In 2009, supply of Polymir's material moved at 43% of overall LDPE imports. Supply of Russian oil to Belarusian refineries was stopped at the beginning of 2010, and that was the reason of a serious decrease in utilization of LDPE production capacities at Novopolotsk.


For more detailed information on the Russian PE market, see Monthly Report.

Dow raises prices for ABS and SAN

March 5 (plasteurope) -- Dow Europe has announced a price increase of EUR 120/t, effective immediately, for its ABS and SAN resins sold in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India. Dow's last price increase for the resins marketed under the trade names ⌠Magnum (ABS) and ⌠Tyril (SAN) was announced for early January.

The US group has just revealed plans to sell its worldwide Styron business, including ABS and SA, to Bain Capital.

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