Technip Energies and Agilyx announce the launch of chemical recycling of polystyrene

Technip Energies and Agilyx announce the launch of chemical recycling of polystyrene

MOSCOW (MRC) -- Technip Energies and Agilyx announced today the launch of the TruStyrenyx™ brand, the only all-in-one solution for the chemical recycling of polystyrene, said the company.

TruStyrenyx™ combines Agilyx’s pyrolysis process and Technip Energies purification technology, yielding a recycled styrene monomer with exceptional high purity. Styrene monomer is used to make numerous plastics and other polymers. It is one of the three primary components of ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene), can make the pure polymer polystyrene, and is an ingredient in various synthetic rubbers.

This launch follows successful results from pilot plant testing conducted on difficult to recycle waste polystyrene, including flame retardant laden waste polystyrene. Recycled styrene monomer from the pilot plant meets American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards for styrene monomer and is greater than 99.8 wt% purity. Flame retardants contain halogens, which are known to be difficult impurities for current polymer production processes. The pilot plant has successfully shown that the resulting halogen concentration in the styrene monomer product is below available detection limits.

Technip Energies and Agilyx announced their partnership in June 2021, leveraging Agilyx conversion technology and Technip Energies purification process.

We remind, Technip Energies has been awarded a significant contract by Neste for the expansion of their renewable products production capacity in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, as part of the existing Partnership Agreement between Technip Energies and Neste. The contract covers Engineering, Procurement services and Construction management (EPsCm) for the expansion of Neste’s existing renewables refinery in Rotterdam which will increase Neste’s overall renewable product capacity by 1.3 MMtpy.

INEOS Styrolution introduces new extrusion ABS product

MOSCOW (MRC) -- INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, has today announced the introduction of an extension to its high-performance Novodur® line of specialty ABS products, said the company.

The new Novodur E3TZ is an extrusion grade that is a suitable for a variety of applications including food trays, sanitary applications and suitcases.

INEOS Styrolution’s Novodur family of ABS specialty products has been developed to offer a range of product properties making the various grades the material of choice for many applications across multiple industries. Properties like high impact strength, chemical resistance, high gloss and food contact compliancy make Novodur grades also a very attractive solution for many healthcare applications. Novodur grades are known for good flowability allowing for easy processing.

The new Novodur E3TZ is no exception. It offers good thermoforming properties and in particular high melt strength, good impact strength as well as higher ESCR. The fact that it complies with FDA food contact regulations makes it an ideal material for a broad range of applications including fridge liners. It offers the additional benefit of cost reductions due to the production of thinner walls.

Philipp Deitmerg, Commercial Product Manager Novodur, says: “The Novodur E3TZ extrusion grade is a complementary extension to the existing Novodur product family. I am excited about this new product especially after having seen the very positive initial reaction of our customers."

We remind, INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, has announced that its sustainable mechanically recycled ECO grades have received RecyClass certification. The Recycled Plastics Traceability certification, which is valid for Terluran ECO MR as well as Novodur ECO MR grades, confirms the post-consumer origin of the waste used in the production of the respective products.

INEOS Styrolution is the leading global styrenics supplier, with a focus on styrene monomer, polystyrene, ABS Standard and styrenic specialties. With world-class production facilities and more than 90 years of experience, INEOS Styrolution helps its customers succeed by offering solutions, designed to give them a competitive edge in their markets.

Recycled ABS grades from Ineos earn RecyClass certification

Recycled ABS grades from Ineos earn RecyClass certification

MOSCOW (MRC) -- Styrenics producer Ineos Styrolution has obtained RecyClass certification for its sustainable mechanically recycled ECO grades, the company announced.

Both its Terluran ECO MR and Novodur ECO MR grades have now earned Recycled Plastics Traceability certification, confirming the post-consumer origin of the waste used in the production of the respective products and guaranteeing the origins and traceability of recycled material. This is founded on the percentage-based recycled content calculation approach that is verified throughout the entire value chain and ensured via the Chain of Custody ISO 22095 as well as the Recycled Plastics EN 15353:2006 standards, on which the certification is based. The transparency of the scheme is additionally warranted via the system of the third-party certification audits.

Ineos’ Terluran ECO GP-22 MR50 and MR70 incorporating 50% and 70% recycled content, respectively, provide a drop-in solution for existing ABS applications and represent a significant step forward towards a circular economy. A selection of applications made from these mechanically recycled Terluran ECO materials will be exhibited at Ineos Styrolution’s booth at the K show in Dusseldorf in October, said Louie Mackee, Commercial Product Manager for Sustainable Products.

The company’s speciality Novodur ABS solutions come in a range of colours, as do their ECO MR counterparts. A product for self-colouring is available as well. Offering plug-in solutions, these Novodur grades are available with a 30% to 70% post-consumer mechanically recycled content; the individual grades come with a significantly reduced product carbon footprint of up to 57%.

We remind, INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, has announced the introduction of an all-new product portfolio dedicated to polymer modification. The new product lines are addressing the need of compounders and extruders to enhance the properties of polymers and allow for improved processing. Smaller volumes of the new products are available via focused and very experienced distribution partners.

Polyolefins pressured by weak demand and rising supply

Polyolefins pressured by weak demand and rising supply

MOSCOW (MRC) -- In July, the price development for European standard thermoplastics varied widely between the different material classes, said Sustainableplastics.

Polyolefin and PVC prices faster than feedstock costs, polystyrene prices surged following a hike in the cost of styrene monomer and PET prices also increased amid paraxylene shortages.

L/LDPE and HDPE prices fell by more than the EUR100/tonne decline in the C2 costs due to weak demand and rising import volumes. The propylene reference price settled down by EUR120/tonne as a result of falling naphtha costs. PP price tumbled much more than the cost reduction due to low sales and over-supply.

PVC prices dropped for the third month in a row due to rising supply and slower demand with decreases in excess of the pro-rata EUR50/tonne drop in ethylene costs.

PS prices increased in line with the EUR155/tonne increase in the styrene monomer reference price, which settled at an all-time high of EUR2,340/tonne.

The European PET market is going through turbulent times as a result of paraxylene feedstock shortages. Following an increase of EUR305/tonne to a record high level for the July PX reference price, producers settled for a PET price rise of EUR100/tonne in view of good availability supplemented by imports, and hesitant demand.

According to ICIS-MRC Price Report, Kazanorgsintez switched one of its three reactors to LLDPE production and this state of affairs will continue until the shutdown for maintenance. The scheduled downtime is expected from 7 September (total shutdown of PE production from 20 September) and up to 10 October.

Wanhua Chemical and WEGO signed a strategic cooperation agreement

MOSCOW (MRC) -- Wanhua Chemical and WEGO signed a strategic cooperation agreement, said the company.

The two sides shared views on further strengthening cooperation and innovation in the field of health industry by using high-grade medical resin materials.

Mr. Chen Lin, Chairman of WEGO, said that a large number of high-end medical equipment has extremely stringent requirements on their raw materials. He hoped to expand the field and level of cooperation with Wanhua Chemical to jointly lead the steady development of a high-end medical industry.

Mr. Liao Zengtai, Chairman of Wanhua Chemical, agreed that Wanhua Chemical would give full play to its technological innovation advantages and launch more key medical materials to contribute to the improvement of the medical device industry as well as the healthy lives of human beings.

In the future, Wanhua Chemical and WEGO will cooperate to build a safe and resilient industrial and supply chain, and work together with relevant parties to continuously promote the deep integration of diversified economies, adding new momentum for the realization of creating a better life for mankind.

We remind, Wanhua Chemical, a major petrochemical producer in China, says it will spend USD3.6 billion to build a chemical complex in Penglai, China, by 2024. The project’s centerpiece will be a propane dehydrogenation plant (PDH) with 900,000 metric tons per year of capacity. The complex will also make propylene oxide, polyether polyols, ethylene oxide, acrylic acid, polypropylene (PP), and other products.