Volume of exported PE granules manufactured by Shurtan GHK made 46,5 KT

(UZEX) -- Last year the volume of exported polyethylene granules, manufactured by Shurtan GHK (Uzbekistan), made 46,5 KT which was almost 1 KT more than in 2009. The leader of sales became the granules of film group, which was half of all granules realized through a currency platform. The given group, as well as last year, was presented by 4 grades with a F 0120. In the film group about half of granules were purchased by Russian companies while the Kazakh companies were mostly interested in the granules of pipe group.


Russian companies increased PP purchases from Turkmenistan

MOSCOW (MRC) -- In December the Russian companies interest in PP purchases from Turkmenistan considerably grew. Total volume of deals made in the exchange market last month exceeded 13 KT which was an absolute record, according to MRC analysts.

High buying activity at trading sessions for the last days of 2010 resulted in price rises. Quotations on the exchange grew on USD 45/t. In September the interest of Russian companies in PP purchases from Turkmenistan temporarily reduced by the level of 2.5 KT. In October a number of deals for polymer delivery to Russia grew again and made about 9 KT.

Summarizing the results of 2010 total volume of PP deliveries from Turkmenistan to the Russian market made about 50 KT.


Investments into polymer films production amounted to USD 19 mln in Russia in 2010

MOSCOW (MRC) - In 2010, investments into equipment to produce polymer films amounted to USD 19 million, according to MRC Annual Reports.

Over the last three years, average annual decrease in imports of polymer films into Russia moved at 13%; at the same time, there is growth in the sectors of stretch and dairy films. In 2009, imports of stretch films increased one third compared to 2008 and amounted to 31 KT. Those were mainly PE films and about 10% of PVC films; the biggest share belong to shipments from Ukraine. Over the last decade, major investments into production of stretch films were made by Regent-Stretch in 2006 and 2007.

In 2009, imports of dairy films increased 30% compared to 2008 and exceeded 1 KT. The largest investment over these years was the expansion of Elexter's production capacities in 2008.

According to MRC analysts, production of stretch and dairy films are the most perspective areas for import sibstitution.

Detailed analysis of trends in the markets of large-capacity polymers and finished goods can be found in MRC Annual Reports.


FPG budgets NT$18.2bln to expand Ningbo plant in China

(cens.com) -- Formosa Plastics Group (FPG) will set aside NT$18.24 billion, or about US$610 million, to expand production of a petrochemical park in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, China.

An industry insider predicted the Ningbo plant, after completion in 2012, will add approximately NT$8 billion in after-tax earnings to the group's overall annual earnings.

Thanks to rising prices of its major products such as PE (polyethylene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), AN (acrylonitrile), and MMA (methacrylate), FPG is expected to see after-tax earnings exceed NT$7 per share in 2010.

Due to price hikes of major petrochemical products and strong domestic demand in China, the FPG's Ningbo production complex will see after-tax earnings hit a historic high of 20 billion renminbi, or about NT$92 billion, in 2010.

Backed by earnings from the Ningbo plant plus the earnings registered by the group's major subsidiaries in China, including Formosa Plastics Corp., Nan Ya Plastics Corp. and Formosa Chemical & Fibre Corp., the group is expected to score more than 2.8 billion renminbi in 2010, for a historic high.

In addition to rising earnings from the petrochemical plant in Ningbo and electronics plant in Kunshan, Jiangsu province, Nan Ya Plastics will also see increased earnings in China as its No. 2 polyester plant in Kunshan will begin mass production sometime in March 2011.


Sipchem announces EPC for new plant

(ogj) -- Saudi International Petrochemical Co. (Sipchem) announced earlier this month that affiliate International Polymers Co. has awarded the engineering design, procurement, and construction work for an ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) plant to G.S. Engineering & Construction Corp., South Korea.

The 200,000-tonne/year plant will produce EVA and low-density polyethylene at the industrial complex in Jubail Industrial City. The plant is to start operation in second-quarter 2013 and cost an estimated 3 billion Saudi riyals ($800 million).

The Saudi Ministry of Petroleum and Minerals said the announcement has allocated the main ethane feedstock for the project to be cracked and treated to ethylene by one SABIC company and vinyl acetate monomer, as secondary feedstock, to be supplied by International Vinyl Co., a Sipchem affiliate.

International Polymers was founded in 2009 with Sipchem owning 75% and Hanwha Chemicals-Korea owning 25%.