Rhodia launches a new range of polyamides for photovoltaic industry

(Rhodia) -- Rhodia is announcing a new halogen-free range of flame retarded Technyl polyamides, dedicated to highly-demanding photovoltaic (PV) component applications.

Photovoltaic components have to perform consistently at the highest level over a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. These products also have to fulfill extremely difficult worldwide safety standards. Rhodia's new Technyl flame-retarded (FR) range offers a solution that fully meets the technical, processing, regulatory and cost-performance requirements necessary for PV component manufacture.

⌠In addition to highly demanding certifications, our halogen-free Technyl FR grades provide the essential safety and environmental care requirements obligatory to major players in the field of renewable energy⌠, comments Dr. James Mitchell, Business Development Manager at Rhodia.

Rhodia is a world leader in the development and production of specialty chemicals. Rhodia leads the world in the production of mild amphoteric surfactants, phosphorus chemistry and guars and derivatives, as well as in high-performance silicas, rare earth-based formulations and diphenols. The company is number two in polyamides and the number three producer of cellulose acetate tow.


DSM Engineering Plastics to launch 5 new grades of EcoPaXX resin

(DSM) -- DSM Engineering Plastics has developed 5 new grades of EcoPaXX, especially for injection molding purposes. EcoPaXX is a polyamide (PA) 410, and belongs to the family of the ⌠long-chain polyamides. It pairs typical long-chain polyamide properties, such as low moisture absorption and excellent chemical resistance, with high melting point and high crystallization rate.

EcoPaXX new grades are: EcoPaXX Q150-D (unfilled injection molding grade with potential applications in castor wheels, household equipment, etc.); EcoPaXX Q-HG6 and Q-HG10 (glass-reinforced heat-stabilised injection molding grades that can be used for all kind of applications where high stiffness and toughness are needed); EcoPaXX Q-HGM24 (a glass/mineral reinforced injection molding grade, especially suited for the injection molding of large parts) and EcoPaXX Q-KGS6 (a halogen-free flame-retardant glass reinforced compound to be applied at connectors, circuit breakers, switch bodies).

EcoPaXX Q-HG6, Q-HG10 and Q-HGM24 will be available on a commercial scale as of November 2010, while EcoPaXX Q150-D and Q-KGS6 will be available in sample quantities from January 2011.


Thumbs Up to launch a new line of containers in colored PP compounds

(Food Ingredients First) -- Leading British injection moulder, Thumbs Up (Bury), Ltd has launched a new line of food and domestic storage containers in coloured polypropylene random copolymer compounds that provide unparalleled clarity. The compounds contain Milliken's ground-breaking Millad NX8000 clarifying agent, used in combination with the company's ClearTint polymeric dyes.

Millad NX8000 improves clarity and gloss in polypropylene (PP) applications to levels comparable with ⌠glass clear polymers such as PET, polycarbonate and acrylics and even glass itself. It is equally applicable in products made by injection moulding, extrusion-blow moulding and injection-blow moulding.

The innovative additive has also been demonstrated to help yield important energy savings and cycle time reductions for processors, thanks to a solubility in PP that is much higher than conventional clarifiers. This allows for a significant reduction in processing temperatures - around 30╟C in some cases - without having a negative effect on clarity.

Thumbs Up produces several ranges of storage containers as well as other house and gardenwares. CEO John McGuinness says Thumbs Up has put considerable effort in recent years, together with different suppliers of polypropylene, to enable it to offer its major retailing clients high quality food containers and domestic storage products.


Saudi petrochemical makers to take India PP duty dispute to WTO

(Bloomberg) -- Saudi Basic Industries Corp., the world's biggest petrochemical maker, plans to ask the World Trade Organization to pressure India to lift an anti-dumping duty it imposed on Saudi polypropylene, an official said.

India last week levied a duty of 6.5 percent per ton on Saudi exports of polypropylene products, in an effort to protect its own producers of the chemical. Other Saudi manufacturers affected by the duty include Advanced Petrochemicals Co. and National Industrialization Co.

⌠This is an unjust decision by India, and we can't tolerate it, Abdulrahman al-Zamil, a trade representative for Saudi petrochemical makers, said today in a telephone interview. ⌠The next stop for Saudi petrochemical producers will be the World Trade Organization. Al-Zamil heads the Riaydh -based Export Development Center, which promotes Saudi exports other than crude oil.

He said the Indian decision will not have a great financial impact on the kingdom's producers, as total petrochemical exports from Saudi Arabia to India amount to what he described as a ⌠modest $200 million a year. Saudi suppliers can easily shift their exports to China and other markets to avoid losses, he said.

⌠The only people who are going to be seriously damaged now from this decision are the 600,000 Indian manufacturers who are looking forward to importing cheap polypropylene from Saudi Arabia, al-Zamil added.


French Total Company stands ready for cooperation with Turkmenistan

(Trend) -- Any form of cooperation with Turkmenistan will be suitable for French Total Oil and Gas Company, said Total CEO Christophe de Margerie at a meeting with President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

Total holds talks in Turkmenistan on the details of a Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) to develop the Turkmen sector of the Caspian Sea, which is prepared to be signed.

The head of Total said that "he believes perspective the cooperation with Turkmenistan, particularly in view of initiated fundamental changes, particularly in the energy sector." De Margerie also noted the huge resource potential of Turkmenistan and the "investment climate".

Total, the fifth largest publicly-traded integrated international oil and gas company and a world-class chemicals manufacturer, operates in more than 130 countries and has 96, 387 employees.