Canadian Association calls for 5 year extension of ACCA for new machinery

(Plastemart) -- Members of Chemistry Industry Association of Canada are calling for a 5 year extension of the accelerated capital cost allowance (ACCA) for new machinery and equipment.

The ACCA was first introduced in the 2007 federal budget. ACCA allows businesses to defer the taxes they pay at the beginning of a project (when cash flow is most urgently needed) until a later date.

Leaders of the industry opine that this tax is critical to the survival of Canadian manufacturers as fresh investments in new machinery and equipment will make manufacturers more productive and competitive, will foster innovation and reduce emissions, and will ultimately make our manufacturing sector more sustainable.

The current ACCA - which is only available to businesses once new machinery or equipment is installed - will expire at the end of 2011.


Air Products completes further expansion of Asia Technology Center in China

(Plastemart) -- Air Products has recently completed further expansion of its state-of-the-art Asia Technology Center in the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in Shanghai, China.

The expansion will accelerate development of industrial gas applications and solutions for general industries, as well as the electronics industry, to support increasing demands in these high growth markets in China and across Asia.

The recent expansion, which will double the lab footprint and R&D staff numbers over the next year, making the Asia Technology Center the company's second largest R&D facility in the world.

This expansion, built on the existing capabilities serving high growth performance materials segments including polyurethane chemicals, and epoxy and specialty additives for coatings, inks, adhesives and related markets, adds standard laboratories and high-bay space for industrial gas applications, product and process R&D, and analytical and testing capabilities for other key growth markets. These include metals processing, electronics packaging and assembly, industrial cryogenics, water treatment and energy applications.


Hubei Biocause Pharmaceutical to invest in propylene production

(Plastemart) -- Hubei Biocause Pharmaceutical plans to to invest 301.96 mln yuan in propylene production, which uses the process of catalytic cracking of C4 olefin.

About 200.02 mln yuan will be earmarked for construction costs and 101.94 mln yuan for working capital. Capacities at the plant will comprise 21,800 tons of propylene, 10,000 tons of propane and 120,000 tons of liquefied natural gas.


SolVin declares FM on PVC production

(ICIS) -- SolVin, a joint venture between BASF and Solvay, declared FM on polyvinyl chloride (PVC) production from its 300,000 tonnes/year site in Tavaux, France, due to a lack of raw material ethylene as a result of ongoing strike action. Earlier Total declared FM across all grades of polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (PS) because of issues surrounding the transportation and stock of products.

Earlier in the week INEOS Oxide declared FM on ethylene oxide (EO), ethylene glycols, glycol ethers (and their esters), ethanolamines, oxo-alcohols and butyl acetates originating from its Lavera site in France due to reduced output caused by the demonstrations.

Meanwhile, Arkema also declared FM on supplies of oxo-alcohols from its Lavera plant and also held FM on PVC from all four of its French sites due to restricted feedstock supply.

In addition, the demonstrations have also contributed to a further tightening in Europe's butane market, resulting in higher prices.


French authorities break blockade at Total's Grandpuits refinery

(ICIS) -- French authorities forced demonstrators to clear the blockade at Total's Grandpuits refinery on Friday and ordered striking workers back to work as nationwide industrial action over pension reforms continued to cripple fuel supplies, reports said.

Total's Grandpuits 100,000 bbl/day refinery, the closest source of gasoline supplies to Paris, has been shut in protest over president Nicolas Sarkozy's pension reform.

The industrial action, along with an unrelated strike at Marseille's Fos-Lavera oil port, has forced all the country's refineries to either operate at minimum levels or shut production altogether, causing massive supply disruptions and panic-buying at gasoline stations across France. As of Friday, about 20% of France's service stations were still empty.