DOP supply geography expands in Russia

MOSCOW (MRC) -- Tight supply of Russian DOP has led to imports increase and supply geography expansion - according to MRC analysts.

In April, the Russian market faced DOP shortage due to suspensions for scheduled maintenances of the producers. Supply from abroad was also tight due to serious difference in price between the domestic and imported DOP. Roshalsk plasticizers plant is going to resume production late шт October. Yet, Russian companies are accumulating imports.

DOP imports amounted to 8,5 kt over the first twenty days of September, and overall August imports amounted to 8,1 kt. At the same time, DOP supply geography expanded in September. The plasticizer from Romania, Ukraine, China, the Czech Republic and Taiwan appeared in the market.

Russian producers have not announced October DOP prices yet. Imported DOP in the Russian market is offered at USD 2.670 - 2.900/mt, FCA.

Russian polymers market prospects will be discussed at Russian Polymers Summit on October 14, 2010 organized by ICIS and MRC. For more information please refer to Summit official web page.



LG Chem named the ICIS Company of the Year

NEW YORK and LONDON (PRNewswire) -- ICIS Chemical Business magazine is pleased to announce that South Korea-based LG Chem has been named the ICIS Company of the Year.

"Congratulations to LG Chem for an outstanding financial performance in
2009 - a difficult year in which most companies struggled with the impact of
the global economic crisis, " said Joseph Chang, Global Editor of ICIS
Chemical Business. "We commend CEO Peter Bahnsuk Kim and his team for their superb efforts."

In 2009, LG Chem registered an 8% increase in group sales in local
currency, a 45% increase in operating profits and a 51% jump in net income
for the year at a time when so many other firms experienced the worst of the
slump, noted ICIS Insight Editor Nigel Davis.

LG Chem's Executive in Russia James Han is going to participate in Russian Polymers Summit on October 14, 2010, organized by ICIS and MRC. For more information please refer to Summit official web page.


Eastman presents new Aspira packaging polymer

KINGSPORT (Eastman) -- Combining clarity and strength, the most recent innovation in multiserve beverage packaging from Eastman Chemical Company ≈ Eastman Aspira copolyester EN177 ≈ launched today at InterBev 2010 in Orlando, Fla. Aspira EN177 allows increased design and processing opportunities for large-volume refrigerated beverage, spirit and dairy handleware applications manufactured on high-output platforms.

Providing a quality aesthetic, Eastman Aspira copolyester EN177 offers gloss and glasslike clarity to increase package shelf appeal. Additionally, the design freedom and strength of Aspira EN177 enhance the product appearance and user experience by permitting ergonomic, curvy and intricately designed containers. The material allows designers to create containers with functional handles and volumes of 60 ounces and larger in ways previously unachievable.


Borealis introduces new compound grade

VIENNA (Borealis) -- Borealis, a leading provider of chemical and innovative plastics solutions and market leader for the wire and cable industry, has launched the newly developed LE0520. This new strippable semiconductive insulation shield compound demonstrates a consistent low strip force over a very wide temperature range which is unique to the wire and cable industry. Thorough testing under all extreme weather conditions shows that the product always easily strips while leaving a very clean insulation surface without pick-off.

LE0520 sets more new standards in the wire and cable industry. Not only does the product exceed all different industry standards like thermal aging, its new, revolutionary product design also allows a very smooth surface of the semiconductive shield, giving further advantages to the cable's electrical performance. Cable producers additionally report ease of processing and a reduction of by-product residues in the Continuous Vulcanization (CV) tube as clear advantages of LE0520.

Borealis' Executive in CIS Roman Romanov is going to participate in Russian Polymers Summit on October 14, 2010, organized by ICIS and MRC. For more information please refer to Summit official web page.


Yansab completes repairs at 1,3 mln tpa cracker in Yanbu

(plastemart) -- Saudi Arabia's Yanbu National Petrochemical Company (Yansab) has boosted operating rates at the ethane-fed steam cracker in Yanbu after restarting the plant late last week. The 1,300,000 tpa cracker at Yansab was brought down on September 10 to rectify a technical fault. Supplies to customers were not impacted by the shutdown.