Chinese olefins plant starts operations

(LogisticsWeek) -- China Shenhua Coal to Liquid and Chemical Company has started the gasification unit at its coal-to-olefin plant in Baotou, Inner Mongolia.

The gasification unit is part of the company's Shenhua Baotou coal-to-olefins project will use GE's gasification technology to convert coal into synthesis gas (syngas).

Syngas will be used to produce methanol for conversion into olefins, a building block for producing polyethylene and polypropylene.

The project, is expected to produce 1.8 million tons of methanol a year when it reaches capacity, which will yield 600,000t of polyethylene and polypropylene.


RAL colours introduces new global industrial standard

(PlastEurope) -- The global industrial colour standard RAL (Sankt Augustin / Germany) has added a colour standard for plastics to its repertoire. The new range was developed together with masterbatch manufacturer Gabriel-Chemie.

Initially, RAL will offer the 100 most frequently used colours from its classic collection. Eventually, the scale of colours on offer will be extended to some 200 different shades, saving plastics processors the time and expenses in trying to reproduce RAL paint sample colours in plastics.

RAL Plastic samples consist of PP pieces with different surface textures and thicknesses, which allow users to gain a realistic impression on how their colours will work with different material applications.


DuPont introduces new Surlyn grade

(DuPont) -- DuPont has introduced new grades of Surlyn for the cosmetic packaging industry, which are capable of an array of forms, textures, colours and special effects, said the company.

The results achievable with the new Surlyn grades are well illustrated by the cap of the Oriens fragrance from Van Cleef & Arpels, a brand of Inter Parfums, said DuPont.

The bottle's designer, Joel Desgrippes, modelled its appearance on a ring from the company's jewellery collection, with the faceted, Surlyn cap mimicking the pink-orange-green spectrum of the tourmaline gem set within the ring.


RIL's Nagothane plant gets clean-chit

(plastemart) -- Reliance Industries' Petrochem plant at Nagothane has received a clean-chit from Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) in connection with allegations of harmful radiation emitting from the plant. As per a letter issued by AERB's Radiological Safety Division, radiation levels in the plant have been brought down to the acceptable limit by use of shielding and cordoning of the area and the propylene and polypropylene plants are also working safely. Medical examination of those working in the propylene and polypropylene plants is not necessary, since the general radiation levels observed in both the plants are very low.

Raigad Collector had issued a notice to the company seeking explanation on the issue after an employee complained of radiation from the plant, as well as approached the AERB to inquire about the suspected radiation in the plant.


PVC prices grow again in Russia

MOSCOW (MRC) -- The first signs of PVC insufficiency appeared in the Russian market. Tight resin supply from Russian producers in conditions of increasing demand push the prices up - according to MRC Price reports.

Week ago PVC demand was very low in the Russian spot market. Prices for imported resin were in the range of RUB 44.000 - 46.000/mt, including VAT, FCA. At the beginning of this week serious increase of buying activity and price growth were observed.

Anomalous heat in the most of Russian territory affected the PVC consumption. The heat is slowly decreasing, and many converters started to accumulate suspension consumption. Preschedule suspension for maintenance of Sterlitamak facility has led to serious decrease of PVC supply into the domestic market. At the same time, there's no clarity about the terms of the plant restart.

From August 6 "Common range of goods dutiable to prophylactic-epidemiological control at custom borders and custom territory of custom union." came into effect in terms of Common custom union. Single market players tell that the procedures of PVC custom examination and DOP plasticizer became more complicated after this document came into effect.

All these factors have caused a smal panic in the Russian PVC market. Some converters started actively fulfilling their stocks. Price offers for imported resin have grown to the level RUB 46.000 - 47.000/mt, including VAT, FCA.


More information about PVC market in Russia is available in MRC Price reports.