Plastics to reduce cars weight

(plastech) -- Car makers expect that a 5% weight reduction can result in average fuel saving of 3%. This is critical as electric vehicles of the future will depend on electricity stored in heavy batteries.

Plastics can make a substantial contribution by offsetting this extra weight. Vehicles where the passenger cell is built of light-weight but very strong carbon fibre reinforced plastics and side panels from plastics will soon be on the market. In combination with other materials, plastics can reduce the weight of car parts by up to 70% when compared with conventional material components.

Moreover, innovative technology makes it possible to use plastics and metals together, thus combining the advantages of both materials. It is also worth
noting that an increasing amount of bodywork parts are bonded instead of welded, which further reduces weight and improves stability and strength. Bonded front and rear windshields enable the construction of increasingly aerodynamic vehicles.

In collaboration with Faurecia and Performance Materials Corporation (PMC), BASF has developed a car seat back based on new plastics technology. The back weighs 20% less than that of a conventional car seat and is about 30 mm thinner, an important advantage when it comes to making vehicles lighter.


Carbon black unit to be constructed by 2014 in China

(chemmonitor) -- A carbon project will be initiated in Pizhou City (China). It presupposes construction of a three plants integrated into a single complex.

A coal tar distillation unit with an annual capacity of 0.25 million tonnes will be amid the facilities. Two downstream plants employed in needle coke and carbon black production will be also built at the locality.

The complex is planned to start activity in the first half of 2014. Construction works will commence this year.


In Europe buyers unwilling to acknowledge the US caustic soda price hikes

(chemmonitor) -- The US-based company Dow Chemical plans to escalate its contract price for caustic soda for Q2 in the European market by EUR 40 (USD 53) per dry metric tonne (dmt). The future hike in the contract values resulted from stable consumption of caustic soda in the northwest Europe and several turnarounds of the units.

Some companies consider the situation in the European market as balanced, while consumers of caustic soda are not apt to accept price surges because the supply increased in line with declined consumption.


Brenntag 2011 earnings soared, growth seen in 2012

(marketwatch) -- German chemicals distributor Brenntag AG said Tuesday sales and earnings soared in 2011, primarily due to higher prices and volumes, as well as acquisitions, and the company projected growth in all relevant segments for 2012.

After-tax profit rose to EUR279.3 million in 2011, up 91% from a year earlier, with EUR277.4 million attributable to shareholders. In 2011, earnings per share jumped 84% to EUR5.39 versus EUR2.93 per share a year earlier. Revenue for the year was EUR8.68 billion, well over EUR7.65 billion a year earlier.

Despite a slowing global economy, industry trends indicate growth in all relevant segments in 2012.
"Brenntag is supported by its highly diversified business model, allowing for growth in various regions of the world," chief executive Steven Holland said in the release.

Brenntag is the global market leader in full-line chemical distribution. Linking chemical manufacturers and chemical users, Brenntag provides business-to-business distribution solutions for industrial and specialty chemicals globally. With over 10,000 products and a world-class supplier base, Brenntag offers one-stop-shop solutions to more than 160,000 customers. The value-added services include just-in-time delivery, product mixing, formulation, repackaging, inventory management, drum return handling as well as extensive technical support. Headquartered in Mulheim an der Ruhr, Germany, the company operates a global network with more than 400 locations in 68 countries.


Sichuan Petrochemical project is nearing completion

( -- Once concern Sichuan Petrochemical project is nearing completion. Recently, more than a staff of China PetroChina Sichuan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. told this reporter, 'can be put into operation by the end of 2012.'

Sichuan Petrochemical project known as the customary 'Pengzhou petrochemical, mainly composed of 800,000 tons / year of ethylene, 10 million tons / year oil refining refining integration project, located in Sichuan Petrochemical Base, located in Pengzhou city northwest martial music town of Long Fengzhen between urban linear distance of about 5 km .1 18, this reporter to travel to, not yet close to the base, we can see distant steel construction is stretching groups a few chimney stands tall, especially eye-catching'.