Methanex may move a second plant from Chile to the US Gulf

(ICIS) -- Methanol producer Methanex may move a second plant from Chile to the US Gulf, a New York stock analyst said on Wednesday. Methanex said late Tuesday that it would move one of its four methanol plants in the South American country to a site in southern Lousiana, by mid-2014.

But Charles Neivert, managing director at Dahlman Rose & Co. in New York, said he's been told that the property Methanex purchased in Geismar, about 60 miles south of Baton Rouge, could easily contain two methanol units. ⌠It looks like there's at least that possibility, Neivert said in an interview.
Neivert sent out a research note on Wednesday saying the move to Louisiana would begin to resolve Methanex's recurrent problems in Chile.

The Methanex move marks the second announcement in a year of a new methanol plant operating in the US. In January 2011, it was announced that a mothballed methanol plant in Beaumont, Texas, would be restarted. That plant, owned by OCI North America, began making ammonia in December and will begin making methanol by the end of March.

Methanex did not immediately return calls on Wednesday. The company's release said low North American natural gas prices made Lousiana an attractive location for making methanol.
Methanex has three idle plants in Punta Arenas, Chile. Only one Methanex plant there is operating, with a capacity of 850,000 tonnes/year. The three idle plants have capacities between 800,000-975,000 tonnes/year, according to ICIS.


Thai IRPC to sell heavy naphtha at premium of USD55-60 a ton

(Bloomberg) -- IRPC Pcl (IRPC) sold a cargo of heavy naphtha at a premium of USD55 to USD60 a metric ton over benchmark Japan prices, according to two traders with knowledge of the company's tender. The shipment, which was sold earlier this week, contains about 30,000 tons for loading from Rayong, Thailand, in February, the traders said.


The first ever Butadiene plant was inaugurated in Indonesian in Cilegon

(The Jakarta Post) -- Industry Minister M.S. Hidayat and Trade Minister Gita Wirjawan inaugurated the first ever Butadiene plant in Indonesian in Cilegon, Banten, on Wednesday. The plant's production capacity is 100,000 tons a year.

The plant is part of publicly listed petrochemicals producer PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical (CAP) and will be managed by the company's subsidiary PT Petrokimia Butadiene Indonesia.
Butadiene is a material for production of synthetic rubber that is usually used to make tires and other automotive components.

CAP has spent USD145 million (Rp 1.34 trillion) to build the plant, which is set to begin operations next year.


Kazanorgsyntez raised the contract price for injection-molding HDPE

MOSCOW (MRC) -- This Friday Kazanorgsyntez plans to resume production of injection-molding HDPE grade PE2НТ22-12.

Along with that the enterprise raised the contract price for polyethylene by Rb1,600/tonne up to Rb59,590/tonne, including VAT, FCA Каzan. The material produced by Gazprom neftekhim Salavat is offered in the spot market on average for Rb63,000/tonne, including VAT, FCA Salavat.


In Russia demand for pipe HDPE went down

MOSCOW (MRC) -- The Russian converters still don't hurry to replenish their inventories. At the trades on 17 January, the price for uncolored PE100 produced by Nizhnekamskneftekhim didn't exceed Rb60,900/tonne, including VAT, FCA Nizhnekamsk.

Kazan PE80 was contracted for Rb60,357/tonne, including VAT, FCA Каzan that was only by Rb177/tonne higher than the contract price.

On Thursday trades in the electronic platform will go on, though a further price growth isn't expected because of a low demand for polyethylene pipes.