Miliken presents new additives line

(Miliken) -- Increasing sustainability through additive innovation is central to the many cutting-edge developments for polyolefins to be presented by Milliken at K 2010. Milliken will showcase pioneering possibilities in optical enhancement and processing improvements for packaging, automotive and technical applications, with the added bonus of energy reduction, less material consumption, and more cost-effective production.

Latest developments to be featured at K 2010 are spearheaded by Millad clarifying agents that yield aesthetic properties never seen before in polypropylene (PP). These are complemented by ClearTint polymeric colorants that put bright colors into plastics without compromising clarity or processability.


Tobolsk-polymer signs agreement with Vneshekonombank about long-term credit

TOBOLSK (SIBUR) - State-owned corporation ⌠Development and external economic activity bank and Sibur affiliate - Tobolsk-Polymer Ltd. inked an agreement about long-term crediting that totals $1.441 mln.

Bank Chairman Vladimir Dmitriev was presenting Vneshekonombank, and Sibur side was presented by Sibur President Dmitriy Konov.

Credits are assigned for realization of new modern 500.000 tpa polypropylene complex construction project

MRC Reference

Sibur Holding is the largest Russian petrochemical group.

Gazprombank (70% minus 1 share);
Gazfond (25% plus 1 share);
5% reserved for option program.

Bayer joins forces with IMEC and TNO

(prw) -- Bayer MaterialScience has announced a partnership with the Holst Centre, a research initiative backed by Belgium's IMEC and The Netherlands' TNO, to develop flexible electronics.

To stimulate innovation and decrease time-to-market, the Holst Centre aims to gather academic and industrial partners around shared technical roadmaps for flexible electronics such as OLED and OPV.

MRCMRC Reference

The share in the Russian market in 2008:
PS - 0.7% (ABS - 7.2%).

Annual sales growth in Russia over the last 5 years:
PS - (-10%).

Polymers processing technologies:
injection molding.

PVC oversupply causes price decrease in the Russian market

MOSCOW (MRC) -- Overestimated demand and record PVC imports have led to competition strengthening in the Russian market and, as a result, to price decrease - according to MRC Price reports.

By June results, total PVC-S imports into the Russian market have exceeded 35 kt. It is a record since May - June 2008 in conditions of supply terms delays of quite big resin volumes from China. PVC from North America is actively supplied into the Russian market this year. American resin has taken about 27% of total Russian imports, while pressing Russian producers in window profile and windowsill production sectors.

Serious PVC imports have led to oversupply in the Russian market last two months. The competition between resin suppliers has strengthened, which led to dominative position of buyers in the market. Single producers had to decrease prices. Last week PVC price offers went down by average RUB 500/mt in the spot market and were fixed in the range of RUB 46.000 - 48.000/mt, including VAT, FCA.


For more information about PVC market in Russia is available in MRC Price reports.

Sabic to triple Q2 2010 profit

(Bloomberg) -- Saudi Basic Industries Corp., the world's biggest petrochemicals maker, may have seen second quarter profit more than triple after demand for plastics recovered in a strengthening global economy.

Sabic will report 5.8 billion riyals ($1.6 billion) in net income after 1.8 billion riyals in the same quarter last year, according to Bloomberg. Sabic traditionally releases quarterly results within a month after the end of a quarter.

A global economic recovery is helping Sabic overcome last year's slump, when sales of its automotive, construction and consumer products weakened. The company's U.S. plastics business is improving as demand for materials needed to make automobiles and electronic goods increased.

MRCMRC Reference

Sabic. The share in the Russian market in 2008:
PE - 0.2%;
PP - 0.4%;
PS - 0.2%.

Annual sales growth in Russia over the last 5 years:
PE - 33%;
PP - 62%