LyondellBasell opens negotiations about Italian plant sale

(Polimerica) -- The LyondellBasell polypropylene plant in Terni, in central Italy, was planned to be shutdown on 30 June but after a recent meeting at the Ministry of Economic Development there is hope for the sale of the assets.

Apparently Novamont, a producer of biopolymers in Terni, as well as a group of local entrepreneurs are also interested in the plants in Umbria.In the meeting, LyondellBasell is to restart the plants - should interest be concrete.

A new meeting at the Ministry is planned for Thursday, 8 July to verify the status of negotiations.

MRCMRC Reference

LyondellBasell. The share in the Russian market in 2008:
PE - 1.4% (including HDPE - 2.5%, LDPE - 0.3%);
PP - 4.1% (including block-copolymers - 9.5%).

Annual sales growth in Russia, during the recent 5 years:
PE - 27%;
PP - 88%.

The leader in the following polymers processing technologies:

pipe extrusion;

film extrusion;

injection molding

Salavatnefteorgsyntez announces catalyst production growth

SALAVAT (Salavatnefteorgsyntez) -- The decision of Salavatnefteorgsyntez authorities from 19.11.2009 about giving the status of independent legal entity ⌠Salavatskiy katalizatorniy zavod (Salavat catalyst plant) with 100% Salavatnefteorgsyntez authorized capital stock to refinery workshop #12 started the forming of company's divisional structure.

This decision has been made to increase the effectiveness of catalyst production, particularly, the increase of loading of existing capacities including market trends and Russian domestic market development forecasts.

The first results are optimistic: the production of ⌠Salavatskiy katalizatorniy zavod was profitable in Q1 2010, earnings went up by 40% comparing with same period last year and client database seriously expanded.


BP might become part of ExxonMobil or Shell

(Vedomosti) - Government of Great Britain is preparing a pack of actions for the case of financial break-up of oil and gas company BP. Neither BP itself, neither Government representatives don't admit it, however, plan details make rumors about division and absorption of the company that keeps bearing costs (over $3 bln already) in liquidation of oil leakage in The Gulf of Mexico. ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch Shell are the most possible candidates for BP.

Ministries of Finance and Business of Great Britain have made special consulting about variants of BP save. There was even the variant of company nationalization by the scheme applied for save of Royal Bank of Scotland during financial crisis of 2008 - 2009 for preventing of break-up, division or absorption of BP. During a business trip to Washington on July 20 British Prime-Minister David Cameron and Energy Minister Chris Huhne will discuss the future of BP with USA officials.


BASF quits JV with Astra Polymers

(plastemart) -- BASF and Astra Polymers Compounding Co., Ltd. have decided to discontinue plans for a joint venture in the Middle East Region. The joint venture plans were based on an agreement between Astra Polymer and the Plastic Additives business of former Ciba AG which has been acquired by BASF in 2009.

As the leading Plastic Additives supplier worldwide, BASF is committed to support polymer growth in the Middle East with local production as well as the services that customers demand in the Middle East Region.


MRC Reference

BASF. The share in the Russian market in 2008:
PS - 9.1% (GPPS - 5.9%, ABS - 11.4%, EPS - 10.6%).

Annual sales growth in Russia over the 5 years:
PS - 15%.

Imports by polymers processing technologies:
injection molding

Exxon Mobil Singapore plant force majeur

(plastemart) -- Exxon Mobil Corp.'s polyethylene supply from Singapore is affected due to an outage at its 480,000 tpa plant. Consequently, its polyethylene supply is affected.

The upstream 900,000 tpa naphtha cracker at the site continues to run, while operational issues have shut down the 600,000 tpa polyethylene (PE) plant and its 405,000 tpa polypropylene (PP) plant early this week. An increase is expected in the number of ethylene July loading cargoes for sale.