Dow announces a sharp price increase for polystyrene films

(Dow) -- Effective July 1st, 2010, or as contract terms allow, Dow Europe GmbH will increase prices for all its Polystyrene Films in Europe by 150 Euro per metric ton. These increases are driven by strong demand and continued escalation of raw material costs used to manufacture these products.


MRC Reference

Share in the Russian market, 2008:

polyethylene - 2.5% (including LLDPE - 33.1%);

polypropylene - 0.8% (including PP-impact - 1.1%);

polystyrene - 2.6%.

Annual sales growth in Russia, recent 5 years:

polyethylene - 55%;

polypropylene - 28%;

polystyrene - 2%.

Imports by processing technologies:

pipe extrusion;

film extrusion;

sheet extrusion;


Borealis introduces two new polypropylene grades

(omnexus) -- Borealis, a leading provider of chemical and innovative plastics solutions, announced the launch of two new generation BorPure materials for transparent food containers that offer a step change in organoleptics, a 10% reduction in cycle times and energy, and CO2 reduction of up to 4 tonnes per year for the converter.

BorPure RG466MO and BorPure RJ377MO are high transparency polypropylene (PP) random copolymers targeted primarily at the different market segments of house- and kitchenware (RG466MO) and thin wall packaging (RJ377MO). Based on proprietary Borealis Nucleation Technology (BNT) the high melt flow rate (MFR) and high purity materials meet market preferences towards no tainting of taste and odor of food.

MRCMRC Reference

Borealis. The share in the Russian market in 2008:

polyethylene - 4.1% (including HDPE - 4.7%, LLDPE - 8.7%);
polypropylene - 3.2% (PP-impact - 7.5%).

Annual sales growth in Russia over the last 5 years:
polyethylene - 11%;
polypropylene - 6%.

Leader in polymers processing technologies:
extrusion coating;
cable extrusion;
injection molding.

Supply greatly exceeds demand in Asian PVC market

SINGAPORE (ICIS news) -- A likelihood of oversupply and softening demand growth in the key China market has unleashed anxiety among chlor-alkali players in Asia, ahead of the 14th Asian Chlor-alkali Conference, which starts on Thursday in Shanghai, China.

However, strong performance of the Indian PVC market has provided a cause for cheer, they said. China's consumption of PVC was expected to hit 10.6m tonnes/year in 2010.

Demand growth for PVC in China was expected to slow further to 7.5% in 2011, amid a slowing down of the construction sector due to the government's measures to cool the economy.

Another reason to cheer is a decline in feedstock ethylene costs, which would improve stand-alone PVC producers' margins. Ethylene spot prices in northeast Asia were hovering at an eight-month low of $900-950/tonne (┬729-770/tonne) CFR (cost and freight) NE (north east) Asia last week, according to data from ICIS.


PVC imports in Russia exceed the demand

MOSCOW (MRC) -- Russian companies continue to augment PVC imports into the domestic market. Total resin supplies from international markets exceeded 27 kt - according to MRC Price reports.

Last month single big PVC converters started actively purchasing resin in international markets, in particular, in North America and Europe. Partly, cooperation with international markets was caused by lower prices than the ones from Russian producers. American resin suppliers have dropped PVC prices for June to the level USD 970-990/mt, CFR Saint-Petersburg, under the pressure of falling ethylene prices in North America. Decreasing Euro/Dollar exchange rate and low prices have also caused the attractiveness of European resin for the Russian market. June PVC price level from Europe is in the range of EUR 750 - 830/mt, FCA.

Despite the delays in terms of PVC supply from China, total acetylene PVC imports exceeded 17 kt in May. Resin suppliers from North-Eastern Asia lowered the prices for June to the level USD 1.010 - 1.050/mt, CFR Saint-Petersburg, under the pressure of low prices for North-American PVC and low demand in China. At the same time, Chinese acetylene PVC suppliers, vice versa, raised resin prices in June on average USD 30-40/mt comparing with May.


For more detailed information about PVC market in Russia please refer to MRC Price reports.

LyondellBasell to build a new site in Germany

(prw) -- Polyolefins giant LyondellBasell says that the caps and closures market will be one of the key focus sectors for its new Hostalen ACP HDPE production unit, currently under construction at its Munchsmunster site in Germany.

The 250,000tpa unit will begin manufacturing multi-modal HDPE resin grades using LyondellBasell's Advanced Cascade Process (ACP), for the closure, pipe and blow moulding industry in the second half of this year.

The ACP process is claimed to allow production of HDPE resins with tailor-made molecular weight distributions and co-monomer content, resulting in optimum stiffness/toughness balance, high ESCR and improved ease of processing.

MRCMRC Reference

LyondellBasell. The share in the Russian market in 2008:
PE - 1.4% (including HDPE - 2.5%, LDPE - 0.3%);
PP - 4.1% (including block-copolymers - 9.5%).

Annual sales growth in Russia, during the recent 5 years:
PE - 27%;
PP - 88%.

The leader in the following polymers processing technologies:

pipe extrusion;

film extrusion;

injection molding.