Automotive supplier Delphi to employ BASF high-performance plastic

(BASF) -- For the reflector used in an automotive interior lighting application, the international automotive supplier Delphi has recently started to employ a high-performance plastic from BASF. After being injection molded, the complex and highly detailed part is metallized by means of physical vapor deposition (PVD), a process with demanding requirements for the plastic. The relatively new Ultrason E 2010 MR is a polyether sulfone (PESU) characterized by its good mold release properties. The reflector is manufactured by Goletz GmbH, located in Kierspe (Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia).


PET imports to Russia 38% down in August

(MRC) -- In August PET imports to Russia expectedly fell by 9 KT compared to July on the back of seasonal factor which equaled to 38% reduction of import supplies, as per MRC DataScope.

In August under the pressure of a seasonal factor Russian converters and trade companies imported about 14 KT of granulates while in the previous month it made 23 KT. Supplies form South Korea reduced by 5 KT and made 6 KT. Import of Chinese granulates fell by 3 KT and made 6.6 KT.

Traditionally supplies of import products reduce in the last month of summer which depends on the end of the season. Converters start forming main stocks in March-April before a summer season. This year many market players expected record figures of last summer. Some players forecasted even bigger growth of sales in the segments of final consumption, such as non-alcoholic carbonated drinks and water. Before a feverish season during February-April market players imported about 116 KT which was 47 KT more than last year figures. Although this year bottlers' sales were affected by a late and rainy summer as well as decreased average temperature.

The market of non-alcoholic carbonated drinks didn't demonstrate expected growth. Kvas market decreased for the first time over last six years. Nevertheless, taking into account last year increased sales as an exclusion, consumption growth is pointed nearly in all sectors of PET consumption, except beer that has been stagnating for the third year.

Moving stocks contributed to surplus of stock and decreased imports in July and August. Reduction of import parameters in summer of 2011 tells about considerable overstocks of polymer.

Surplus of import feedstock also had a negative influence on sales of the Russian producers of PET. Because of indefinite situation in the market, some Russian producers preferred to reorient at export to the countries of the Western Europe. In August overall export of granulate made about 10 KT which 223 as much as last year figures and twice as much as July exports.


PVC price in external markets to decrease for the Russian companies

(ICIS-MRC) -- Chinese and American producers keep on reducing PVC export prices. Along with this, weakening of the Russian ruble against dollar is evened, as per ICIS-MRC Price report.

Chinese and North American producers declared a further decrease of export prices for suspension PVC in October. On average, declared reduction of prices makes 3-4% compared to September. At the same time flowing devaluation of the Russian ruble against dollar completely evens reduction of exports prices for PVC.

Gradual weakening of the Russian rouble rate against dollar started from the first decade of August. Over 1,5 month, dollar/ruble rate grew by 13%. On 15 September mass media informed about devaluation of the Russian ruble which is possible, as per pessimistic forecasts of the Ministry of economy, at the rate of 40 against dollar.

Serious oversupply of PVC to the Russian market in July-August made Russian producers and trade companies considerably reduce prices. In early September the resin prices went on cheapening in the Russian market. But starting from the mid-week on the back of good demand for PVC in separate sectors of consumption and reduced oversupply as well as weakened rate of ruble against dollar, spot prices went up. An average price of the Chinese and American PVC this week has grown to RUB 44.000 - 45.000/t, including VAT, СРТ Moscow.

Devaluation of the ruble also contributed to the strengthened demand in the Russian market. Some companies increased purchases, thus securing further growth of spot prices as a result of growing dollar rate. Some marker players don't exclude a further correction of PVC spot prices in the Russian market at the expense of dollar rate: it is obvious that October reduction of export prices from main suppliers is completely evened by the Russian ruble devaluation.

MRC data: the Russian market of PVC completely depends on imports. Overall imports of suspension PVC to the Russian market in August hit a record and made 57 KT. Over the eight months, overall imports of suspension to Russia reached 360 KT which is compared to PVC-S production in Russia - 356 KT.


Indorama Ventures to buy Wellman International's recycling business in Europe

(Reuters) - Thailand's Indorama Ventures Pcl said on Wednesday it had agreed to buy Wellman International's recycling business in Europe from Aurelius AG as part of an expansion drive to meet demand for the recycling of consumer products.

Indorama, the coutry's biggest producer of chemicals for plastic bottles and polyester, is the latest big Thai firm to announce an overseas acquisition, helped by a rise in the baht in recent years.

The acquisition, which includes Wellman's MJR Recycling BV, is expected to be completed this year and will provide both access to recycling technology and potential technology transfer to its Asian assets, it said in a statement. It gave no details about the value of the deal.

Wellman is Europe's largest recycler of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles and a maker of polyester staple fibre and recycled PET products. It has three production facilities in Europe with output of over 153 KTa.


Hanwha Chem says abandons Sulfindo Adiusaha bid

(Reuters) - South Korea's Hanwha Chemical said it abandoned a plan to buy Indonesian chemical producer Sulfindo Adiusaha, confirming Reuters' earlier report.

Hanwha said in a regulatory filing on Tuesday that it had considered buying the Indonesian petrochemical firm but the potential deal was suspended due to differences of opinion, it said, without elaborating.