Sasol to augment ethylene production by 48,000 tons

(plastemart) -- Sasol's board of directors has approved construction of a R1.9 bln ethylene purification unit at its Sasol Polymers plant to come on stream by mid-2013. The company will augment ethylene production by about 48,000 tons by 2015. The ethylene would be used in the manufacturing of polyethylene that is currently imported into the country.


High-Purity Elastomers from Teknor Speed Regulatory Compliance of Speech Therapy Devices

(omnexus) -- LUGOFF, SC, USA -- A supplier of tools to aid in speech therapy has switched from conventional thermoplastic elastomers to Medalist╝ medical elastomers from Teknor Apex Company, citing advantages in compound selection, blending, molding, and resistance to chewing and other rugged treatment.

ARK Therapeutic Services, Inc is a company that designs, manufactures, and distributes speech and occupational therapy tools and other healthcare products. Many of its devices are for use only by professional therapists or trained caregivers to help correct sensory oral motor problems by stimulating muscles that correlate with specific movements of the lips, tongue, jaw, etc. ARK Therapeutic Services now uses Medalist elastomers for the soft tips of oral probes, a complete line of chew tools, and the Z-Vibe╝ vibratory tool. Non-speech applications of Medalist elastomers include lids for the Sip-Tip╝ liquid feeding cup and the E-Z Eye Med╝ dispenser for eye medicine.


China - Sinopec Wuhan ethylene project back on track

(Yarns and Fibers) -- China Petroleum and Chemical Corp. the country's largest refiner by capacity, has put back on track its 800,000-ton-a-year ethylene project in central China's Wuhan city and plans to complete construction by the end of 2012, its parent China Petrochemical Corp. said in an in-house newsletter Wednesday.

The progress of the project has been delayed for around one year from its initial schedule. The new plan is to bring the project online in the first half of 2013. The plant, 65% owned by Sinopec, is part of the government's plan to build major ethylene production capacity in central and western parts of the country and is aimed at helping the central region meet its demand for petrochemicals.

SK Energy Co. (096770.SE), South Korea's largest refiner by capacity, holds the remaining 35% of the complex. The project will also produce key petrochemical products including 300,000 tons of high-density polyethylene, 300,000 tons of linear low-density polyethylene and 400,000 tons of polypropylene.


DuPont builds stronger capabilities to support business growth in Asia Pacific

SHANGHAI (DuPont) -- DuPont highlights its latest initiatives to support its customers in Asia Pacific at the 24th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries to be held April 19-22, 2010 in Shanghai.

⌠Growing markets in Asia Pacific, and in particular in emerging markets like China, offer tremendous opportunities for DuPont to provide innovative solutions to regional needs. said James Hay, Regional Director for Asia Pacific, DuPont Performance Polymers. ⌠We are pleased to introduce our latest - materials innovations, and update our customers about our investment initiatives such as new facilities at the DuPont China R&D Center and additional production capacity .

DuPont is launching Zytel╝ PLUS, a new family of nylon products. Zytel╝ PLUS is the result of several technology breakthroughs by DuPont researchers, aimed at cost-effectively delivering excellent properties and, most importantly, maintaining its performance much longer than traditional nylons when exposed to hot oil, hot air, calcium chloride and other aggressive automotive chemicals.


Sabic invests into research and science

(prw) -- Sabic has signed a long-term research and innovation agreement with King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Kaust). The agreement calls for the construction of the Sabic Research and Innovation Center at University campus, scheduled to begin operations in 2012.

The agreement, signed on behalf of Sabic by Dr Abdulrahman bin Saleh Al-Ubaid, executive vice-president, technology and innovation, and on behalf of Kaust by Dr. Mohamed Samaha, senior vice-president for economic and technology development, creates the framework under which Sabic provides construction funding for the Sabic Research and Innovation Center, as well as support for research on the jointly agreed industry/academic projects to be undertaken there.

Kaust president, professor Choon Fong Shih, said: ⌠From its early commitment as a founding member of our Industrial Collaboration Programme, Sabic has demonstrated its understanding of Kaust's unique capabilities which enable us to build synergies among research, education, innovation and enterprise, as well as to harness science and technology to address global challenges of our time - for the benefit of the Kingdom and beyond.

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Sabic. The share in the Russian market in 2008:
PE - 0.2%;
PP - 0.4%;
PS - 0.2%.

Annual sales growth in Russia over the last 5 years:
PE - 33%;
PP - 62%.