Sibur may hold an initial public offering in H2-2012

(Plastemart) -- Sibur, Russia's largest petrochemical group, may hold an initial public offering (IPO) in H2-2012. The company "is currently considering options for an IPO," as per Ilya Rogol, project manager at Sibur Holding. "It is the company's size that matters when you decide on floating the stock. There is no sense to go public with small sales volumes. In December 2010, Leonid Mikhelson, head of Russia's largest independent gas producer Novatek, had planned the company's IPO, but it must be preceded by the large-scale reorganization of the company's business. Mikhelson increased his stake in Sibur Holding to 50% in March 2011.


BASF releases two films on wind energy

(BASF) -- Fascinating close-up views and animated graphics, xtraordinary perspectives, and interesting information - these features distinguish two new BASF films on wind energy. They highlight the opportunities, benefits and challenges of wind power as one of the major climate-friendly sources of energy for the future. The role that specifically developed BASF products play in making wind turbines even more efficient is discussed in the films by means of specific examples. One of the two films, which last about eight minutes each, deals with the production of rotor blades from a novel type of epoxy systems, while the other examines innovative rotor blade coatings.

⌠We want these films to convey the fascination of having chemistry contribute to enhancing efficiency in the production of modern wind energy plants and making them more profitable to use, said Dr. Martin Jung, spokesman of BASF's Wind Energy Industry Focus Group, and added: ⌠If you want to simplify current wind rotor production processes and achieve equipment life cycles of more than twenty years, you need intelligent chemistry - such as BASF's novel coating and epoxy systems. The company also supplies grouting solutions and concrete additives for the construction of high-strength foundations and towers for modern wind turbines.


Ineos reported an upset at the ethylene unit at its plant in Texas

(Bloomberg) -- Ineos Group Holdings Plc reported an upset at the ethylene unit at its Chocolate Bayou chemical plant in Alvin, Texas, according to a filing with state regulators. ⌠The olefins 1 unit experienced an upset when the p-rich feed was lost to two of the furnaces resulting in flaring off spec ethylene product, Ineos said a filing with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

⌠Operations stabilizing the unit to bring ethylene product back on spec and decreased feed to the furnaces, the Lyndhurst, United Kingdom-based company said in the filing.

The Chocolate Bayou plant includes two olefins units and has one of the largest hydrocarbon crackers in the U.S., according to the company website. The plant is located in Alvin, about 45 miles (72 kilometers) south of Houston.


Main social programs are carried out at Kulevi Black Sea Terminal

(SOCAR) -- Main social programs are carried out at Kulevi Black Sea Terminal that attaches big importance to social issues of its staff. Along with medical insurance of the personnel, the terminal improves insurance conditions of staff from year to year. This year besides the additional bonus for medicine and stomatology, the policies include health insurance of family members too - spouse and children under 18. These insurance policies cover wide network of clinics in Georgia and Azerbaijan. BST provides the employees with health insurance police since the beginning of operation. According to internal rules of organization, a new employee should pass a waiting period to benefit from health insurance benefit. Waiting period means probation by labour contract and lasts from 3 to 6 months at the most. It should be mentioned that company offers health insurance without any premium contributions from employees.


SABIC Innovative Plastics announced the newest addition to its Extem UH family

(SABIC) -- SABIC Innovative Plastics announced the newest addition to its Extem UH family of amorphous thermoplastic polyaimide (TPI) resins to meet customer requirements for design-friendly materials that deliver high performance at prolonged extreme temperatures. This unique new grade not only delivers unprecedented heat resistance, but also opens vast new design possibilities by providing exceptional dimensional stability for thin-wall molding. Extem UH resin underscores SABIC Innovative Plastics' ongoing investment in high-end thermoplastic technologies and the company's proactive efforts to track and address fast-evolving customer needs.

Potential applications include wire and cable insulation, high performance connectors and accessories, semicon plasma chamber components and pickup systems, high heat film, bearing cages, gears, membranes, stockshapes and composites.